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Hey, I'm Teresa
Let's Get to Know Each Other

 Specialized in Handtied Extensions, Balayage Blonde, Dimensional Hair Color, and Custom Conditioning Treatments

I am thrilled you are here! 

I take pride in my work. I have an artistic vision, and I focus on the desired details through clear communication with my guests. It's the only way to achieve the best results:

  • Beautiful Healthy Hair

  • Gorgeous Color

  • All the Tips you need to Duplicate Your Style at Home

"My Favorite thing about being a hairstylist is watching my guest look in the mirror feeling Beautiful and Confident.
I love to see that HUGE SMILE! "
"When you sit in my chair, we are going to go on a journey. With my guidance, you can love your hair, have confidence in styling, and keep it healthy."

Teresa Adams

I can remember as a little girl I always wanted to do hair.  My younger sister was my first client. Unfortunately, she's not too thrilled with her second-grade picture.

I finally made my dream a reality in 1996, and after going through some Amazing Journeys in my career, I have found a way to give my guest the experience in a beautiful private salon suite.

Working in salons for most of my years as a stylist I had always felt there has to be something that could just be better as a experience. I want you to have a get away, be able to relax, and for you to have complete confidence that you are my total focus.

Hey,  I know it can be quite intimidating or scary to see a new stylist.  My Main Jam is Communication and Listening. Nothing else matters unless we are on the same journey.

Having 5 Children, a very LOUD Husband, and 3 dogs, I certainly understand it is nice to have someone listening to you. Truly listening.

Is this something you might need? If it is, I got you and I am all EARS.....

I have traveled many places to advance my knowledge in my chosen career- from New York, Miami and L.A. It's hard to believe I have been in this Industry for 25 years... It doesn't feel like it. I LOVE what I do...   I am still hungry for more education, and this Industry changes so much. This is what is so exciting! My guests keep me Inspired to continually Learn and Create.

However, the Best feeling of all is BUILDING GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS with all my guests and sharing a little piece of this world together for a just few moments in time.

Are you ready to come visit with me in the salon and finally have the hair of your dreams? 
Teresa Adas Hair Design
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